Summit Industrial Wi-Fi Webinar Series

The Summit Industrial Wi-Fi Webinar Series covers topics of value to anyone who sells, manages, or uses business-critical mobile devices. Five topics have been covered already:

  • 802.11a and 5 GHz Operation
  • Wi-Fi Security and PCI DSS
  • 802.11n and Rugged Mobile Devices
  • Summit Advantages for Business Devices
  • Mobility: Reliable Connectivity for Mobile Devices *NOTE: This webinar is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Medical Webinars

Wi-Fi is an attractive networking technology for hospitals because it is standards-based, supported on most computing devices, and increasingly supported on medical devices. But Wi-Fi presents complexities and challenges that are not apparent at first blush. Integrators and IT administrators must select the right infrastructure gear and determine how to deploy it optimally. Device makers must integrate the right feature sets and ensure that their devices work correctly in real-world environments.

To make the right decisions about Wi-Fi, you need a foundational understanding of how Wi-Fi works and how you can deploy it in an optimal fashion. The Summit Medical Wi-Fi Webinar Series presents hot Wi-Fi topics in a hospital context. Don't miss the opportunity to gain the tools you need to solve real Wi-Fi issues in hospitals.

  • 802.11n and 5GHz for Medical Operation
  • Mobility and Hospitals
  • Security and HIPAA
  • CCX for Medical Devices

To watch a replay (20-25 minutes) of the webinar for any of these topics, click here to register and select the topic.