February 2009

Summit announces SDIO solution

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Summit Announces SDIO Solution

Summit is launching its first Wi-Fi radio module with an SDIO interface. The SDC-MSD10G module is an 802.11b/g radio that uses the same hardware and software technology proven in nearly a half-million enterprise devices used in challenging environments worldwide.

While most of today's business-critical mobile devices rely on Wi-Fi radios that use a compact flash (CF) interface, the processors in many new mobile devices have native support for SDIO but not CF. As a result, demand for Wi-Fi radios with an SDIO interface is on the rise. Nearly every SDIO Wi-Fi radio in the market is designed for consumer devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players, where the only Wi-Fi radio requirements are to be small and consume little power.

Consumer-grade Wi-Fi radios, however, do not meet enterprise requirements for secure, reliable connectivity, even when the device is on the move. The MSD10G module does. Its hardware, tested for nearly three years in the most challenging environments in the world, consumes a modest amount of power while delivering unmatched range to connect over long distances. Its software provides an enterprise-class feature set for robust security, reliable connectivity, fast roaming, and easy configuration and administration. Like all other Summit solutions, the MSD10G module will be Wi-Fi CERTIFIED and certified for Version 4 of Cisco Compatible Extensions, or CCX. The list price for the MSD10G module, which will be generally available in March, is US$99. All software capabilities and certifications are included with Summit products at no additional charge. To learn about volume discount information for qualified mobile device vendors, contact Summit.