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RM024 Product Announcement

Laird Technologies recently announced the release of its RM024 Range-Amplified Multipoint (RAMP) wireless module. While it is backward compatible with the popular LT2510 module, the RM024 RAMP module offers a new RF front end for improved sleep, an improved link budget, and a switchable antenna output.

“RAMP modules from Laird Technologies offer robust wireless communications for all applications requiring a wireless transport for serial data,” said RAMP Product Manager Chris Downey. “The RM024 module is the perfect choice for machine-to-machine applications, sensing and control networks, and long-range, low-bandwidth digital signage.”

Like other RAMP modules, the RM024 module features a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) protocol for excellent interference and multipath immunity. The module’s server/client architecture allows for more than 16 million clients to be addressed and communicating within a network.

The RM024 module is available with one of two maximum conducted output powers: 125 milliwatts (mW) and 50 mW. The 125 mW version is approved for use in North America and similar markets; the 50 mW version is approved for use in Europe and similar markets. The two versions also differ in transmit power consumption and the number of RF channels available. Differences between the two versions, where applicable, will be denoted based on part number.