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New Class 1 Bluetooth Products To Make Their Debut

In early 2013, Laird Technologies will introduce the 700 Series (BT7x0) modules of Class 1 Bluetooth modules, which are designed to add robust, long-range Bluetooth data connectivity to devices. Module samples will be available in early 2013, and mass production availability will begin in early Q2 2013.

Based on the market-leading Cambridge Silicon (CSR) BC04 chipset, the modules provide exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding Class 1 range via 18dBm of transmit power. The modules support the latest Bluetooth Version 2.1 specification, including Secure Simple Pairing, which improves security and enhances the ease of use for end customers. A broad range of Bluetooth profiles such as Serial Port Profile (SPP) and other vital features make the 700 Series modules superior to other Bluetooth modules.

With a compact footprint, the modules deliver maximum range with a minimum size. To ease integration, the modules are designed to support a separate power supply for I/O. Another integration advantage is the inclusion of a complete Bluetooth protocol stack with support for multi-point connections and numerous Bluetooth profiles, including Serial Port Profile (SPP), Human Interface Device profile (HID), and Health Device Profile (HDP). 700 Series modules are fully qualified as Bluetooth End products, enabling designers to integrate the modules in devices without the need for further Bluetooth Qualification.

An integrated AT command processor interfaces to the host system over a serial port using an extensive range of AT commands. The AT command set abstracts the Bluetooth protocol from the host application, saving many months of programming and integration time. It provides extremely short integration times for data oriented Bluetooth applications.

Included firmware provides programming support for multi-point applications that use up to seven simultaneous data connections to and from the robust BT7X0 modules. A low-cost developer's kit makes it easy for an OEM to integrate the module and guarantees the fastest route to prototype and then mass production.

Application areas include medical devices, ePOS terminals, automotive diagnostic equipment, barcode scanners, and industrial cable replacement.