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Summit Acquired by Laird and is Now Nucleus of New Business Unit

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Summit Acquired by Laird and is Now Nucleus of New Business Unit

Summit is now the nucleus of the Connectivity Products Business Unit (PBU) which is part of Laird’s Wireless Systems Division. The Connectivity PBU is headed by former Summit president Ron Seide and, like Summit, has its headquarters in Akron, Ohio. “Laird Technologies has a strong history of quality and innovation in wireless communications,” said Seide. 

In the new Connectivity PBU, Summit is joining forces with other experts on wireless connectivity to enterprise networks. The result will be a rich roadmap of Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth, and other wireless solutions for an expanded set of markets, technologies, and geographies. Summit brings its lineup of industrial-grade and medical-grade Wi-Fi modules to the unit with more than than 1.6 million Summit modules deployed in mobile computers, medical devices, and other business-critical mobile devices used around the world.

Roughly 70 percent of Summit’s business is with device makers outside North America, including many in Asia. The Connectivity PBU will serve those customers not just from Akron but from Laird offices in Taiwan and other locations in Asia, Europe, and North America. Summit will leverage Laird’s existing world-class engineering and product development teams to execute faster on a broader roadmap to the benefit of our current and future customers.

Laird shares Summit’s commitment to unparalleled customer support and innovation. “As Summit, we built a business around providing secure, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in challenging radio frequency environments such as factories and hospitals,” said Seide. “Now, we get to strengthen and expand a set of successful Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cableless solutions that do the same thing. It’s an exciting opportunity.”

To view the official press release, click here.