September 2011

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Summit Helps Companies Achieve CCX Certification

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Summit Helps Companies Achieve CCX Certification

Since July 2011, Summit has delivered Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) certifications for 10 customer devices, including vehicle mount computers, and rugged handheld computers. CCX Certification is a tremendous asset because it provides end customers with an assurance that the mobile device will interoperate with a Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure and support Cisco innovations for enhanced security, mobility, quality of service, and network management.

Summit customers get on the fast track to CCX certification. Because of the close partnership between Cisco and Summit and due to Summit’s proven expertise with CCX implementation, Summit-enabled devices can often gain CCX certification with no additional testing.

To find out more about CCX, read Summit's white paper titled Cisco Compatible Extensions. To find out how Summit can deliver CCX certification for your product, contact