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Technical Knowledge Base Makes Debut

The engineering and documentation teams at Summit have joined forces to provide you with the Technical Knowledge Base (TKB), a glossary of Summit product and Wi-Fi terms found in Summit documentation. Each word or phrase is accompanied by a detailed explanation and links to related terms.

As an example, here is a TKB excerpt for the term "Power Save Polling":

Power Save Polling: The following are the three building blocks of power save polling:

  • (PSP): Wakeup Procedure - There are two reasons for a station (STA) to wake up: either to transmit pending data or to retrieve buffered data from an access point. Waking up to transmit data is driven by the STA. Waking up to receive data is also initiated by the STA after it monitors its pending data bit in a periodic beacon frame sent out by its access point. Once the STA decides to transition from sleep to active mode, it notifies the access point by sending an uplink frame with the Power Save (PS) bit set to Active. Following this transmission, the STA remains active to enable the access point to then send buffered downlink frames.
  • Sleep Procedure - To transition into the sleep mode, a STA (in active mode) must complete a successful STA-initiated frame exchange sequence with the PS bit set to Sleep. Following this operation, the access point buffers all the downlink frames to this STA.
  • PS-Poll Procedure - Instead of waiting for the access point to transmit the buffered downlink frames, a STA (in sleep mode) can solicit an immediate delivery from its access point by using a PS-poll frame. Upon receiving this PS-poll, the access point can immediately send one buffered downlink frame (immediate data response); or it can send an acknowledgement message and response with a buffered data frame later (delayed data response).

The TKB is the latest addition to Summit's extensive library of information, which already includes a series of white papers for both the AIDC and medical technology industries, as well as complementary webinars. You can reach the TKB through this link.

Summit's expert team is always open for comments and suggestions that would expand the Knowledge base.