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Summit Passes Another Milestone

Summit Passes Another Milestone

In late October, Summit announced that it had reached the milestone of one million Wi-Fi radios shipped. Since Summit products made their debut in June 2006, Summit has experienced steady growth by addressing customer requirements for reliable and secure Wi-Fi connectivity in challenging environments.

“In early 2006, we set out to provide mobile computers with industrial-grade Wi-Fi solutions,” said Summit VP and co-founder Chris Bolinger. “Customers quickly discovered that Summit Wi-Fi solutions enhance their devices and enable them to win more business. As the word spread, our business blossomed."

Most devices with Summit Wi-Fi inside operate in environments that present challenges to persistent Wi-Fi connectivity. For example, a mobile computer in a large retail store or distribution center may be mounted on a forklift truck that moves at 20 kilometers per hour though rows of metal shelves that reflect Wi-Fi radio signals and materials such as wood and paper that absorb Wi-Fi radio signals. If a mobile computer loses network connectivity for even one second, the application running on that mobile computer may have to be restarted, causing the user to repeat tasks and costing the business time and money.

“Similar connectivity challenges exist in hospitals,” said Bolinger. “That’s why makers of infusion pumps, patient monitoring systems, and other medical devices are evaluating Summit Wi-Fi solutions. Summit is successful because Summit delivers secure and reliable Wi-Fi connections in every environment.”