October 2010

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Medical Wi-Fi Webinar Series Starts in October

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Medical Wi-Fi Webinar Series Starts in October

Today’s hospitals are deploying Wi-Fi networks for more than just patient and guest use. Increasingly, hospital staff members rely on Wi-Fi for computers on wheels, handheld computers, and even medical devices.

Even though Wi-Fi technology is standards-based and Wi-Fi is in common use in many environments, Wi-Fi deployments at hospitals present complexities and challenges that are not  immediately apparent. To make effective use of Wi-Fi in a hospital, you need to understand how Wi-Fi works.

The Summit Medical Wi-Fi Webinar Series is a good place to start. The series covers hot Wi-Fi topics -- such as 802.11n, security, and mobility -- in a hospital context. Each webinar presentation lasts 20-30 minutes, and you can ask questions of the Wi-Fi experts at Summit.

For a schedule of webinars and registration links, visit this page.