October 2010

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Medical Wi-Fi Webinar Series Starts in October

Inc. Names Summit Fast-Growing Firm

Summit Shines at Medical Connectivity Conference

Summit Shines at Medical Connectivity Conference

Summit garnered a lot of attention at the second annual Medical Device Connectivity Conference & Exhibition, held September 28-29 in San Diego, California. Over 200 attendees learned more about current and planned Summit Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for medical devices and computing devices used in hospitals.

Summit was one of two Platinum Sponsors for the event and an active participant in the first day of sessions. Summit President Ron Seide was the moderator for Track B, which included these sessions:

  • "Demystifying Wi-Fi" by Chris Bolinger of Summit
  • "Wi-Fi Alliance Medical Device Workgroup" by Phil Raymond of Philips Medical Systems

Bolinger's presentation covered hot Wi-Fi topics such as 802.11n, 2.4 GHz operation vs. 5 GHz operation, Wi-Fi security, and Wi-Fi mobility. These same topics are covered in more depth in the Summit Medical Wi-Fi Webinar Series and in white papers on the Summit for Medical Web site.

Raymond's presentation explained the goals of the Wi-Fi Alliance workgroup and a hospital-focused subgroup that Raymond chairs. Summit is contributing to a subgroup white paper that provides guidance on how to deploy Wi-Fi in a hospital.

At the Exhibition, Summit's booth generated buzz among conference attendees. Highlights included demonstrations of a handheld mobile computer, a computer on wheels, and a medical device, all with Summit Wi-Fi inside.