August 2010

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Summit Launches Two 802.11n ExpressCards

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Summit Launches Two 802.11n ExpressCards

In June, Summit launched two 802.11n ExpressCards that are ideal for business-critical mobile devices used in challenging environments. Devices ideal for the ExpressCards include computers on wheels (CoWs) used in hospitals.

The SDC-EC15N and SDC-EC25N cards support up to 26 channels in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, enabling users to take advantage of lesser-used channels for more reliable connections. With support for two spatial streams and other 802.11n capabilities, the cards boast a top data rate of 300 megabits per second (Mbps). Both cards feature the industry-leading Summit software suite, proven on nearly one million mobile devices worldwide.

The difference between the two Summit ExpressCards is antenna capabilities. The EC25N card has an integrated antenna system for good coverage in a variety of environments. The EC15N has two MMCX connectors to support high-gain external antennas, such as those that would be mounted on the outside of a CoW.

“Hospitals are tough places to establish and maintain secure and reliable Wi-Fi connections,” said Greg Janke, Summit’s Director of Strategic Accounts. “With Summit ExpressCards, wireless connections in hospitals and other challenging environments – such as retail stores, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants – can be as secure and reliable as wired connections.”

Thanks to Summit hardware and software innovations, the Summit ExpressCards provide enterprise-grade mobility, security, and management capabilities. Like other Summit products, the ExpressCards provide support for all required features of Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX). The cards operate on Windows XP today and will operate on Windows 7 before the end of the year.

The list price for the EC15N card and the EC25N card is US$149. The purchase price covers Summit’s market-leading radio hardware and software, software upgrades, and a broad range of certification and support services provided by Summit and Summit partners.