February 2010

30 Series products offer 5 GHz support for "free"

Summit launches first 802.11n product

White papers explore 802.11n and 5 GHz

DLoG joins Strategic Alliance Program

Webinar series covers hot Wi-Fi topics

Webinar Series Covers Hot Wi-Fi Topics

Beginning in April, Summit will provide a series of webinars with timely and useful information on hot Wi-Fi topics such as:

  • 802.11n and its role in the infrastructure and on mobile devices
  • Wi-Fi security: Best practices for meeting PCI DSS and other stringent customer requirements
  • CCX: Is it still important for business-critical mobile devices?
  • Positioning Summit advantages with resellers and customers

Summit will present about one webinar each month. Webinars will be free and by invitation only. Summit will extend invitations to its customers and prospective customers, and they in turn will be able to invite their distributors, resellers, and key customers.

Once an attendee registers, he or she will be able to attend simply by pointing a Web browser to a provided URL. No phone or special software will be required. During a webinar, an attendee can ask questions using a chat facility. A Summit representative will answer the questions promptly with either public or private responses, depending on what the attendee prefers.

As a special advantage for Strategic Alliance partners, Summit will offer customized webinars for their employees and channel partners. For each customized webinar, a Summit Strategic Alliance partner will be able to select two dates and times and up to two topics that are most relevant to that partner's needs. Customized webinars begin in March, a month before the standard webinar series.

For more information on webinar topics, or to take advantage of the opportunity for customized webinars, please contact Hannah Wheaton.