February 2010

30 Series products offer 5 GHz support for "free"

Summit launches first 802.11n product

White papers explore 802.11n and 5 GHz

DLoG joins Strategic Alliance Program

Webinar series covers hot Wi-Fi topics

Summit Launches first 802.11n product

 Designed for mobile computers and other rugged mobile devices, the Summit SDC-PE15N module is a PCI Express Mini Card with the complete Summit feature set for secure, reliable connectivity in the most challenging environments.
“Consumer-grade 802.11n modules can’t meet the Wi-Fi requirements of rugged mobile devices,” said Chris Bolinger, Summit’s VP of sales and marketing. “Only the PE15N module has the Summit feature set, proven on over 700,000 devices worldwide.

Thanks to the module’s dual-band support, devices can operate in the traditional 2.4 GHz band or the less-crowded 5 GHz band. And if customers need better throughput, they’ve got it.” For most rugged mobile devices, the throughput of pre-N standards – 802.11a, 802.11g, and even 802.11b – is sufficient. But devices with pre-N Wi-Fi limit the throughput of nearby N devices, including those that run bandwidth-hungry applications. When they incorporate the PE15N module, rugged mobile devices maximize the throughput of all N devices in the vicinity.
Many organizations want to move to N on their rugged mobile devices but can’t afford to sacrifice critical functionality – such as security, mobility, manageability, and Cisco compatibility – to get there,” said Bolinger. “With the PE15N module, organizations can move to N with confidence.”

DLoG GmbH, a leading European manufacturer of mobile industrial computers, is among the first to integrate the PE15N module in its devices. “Summit provides us with technological innovations that strengthen our position among the world’s top five manufacturers of industrial computers, ” said DLoG Managing Director Hans-Peter Nüdling.

The list price for the PE15N module is US$99. Volume discounts are available to qualified mobile device vendors. The purchase price covers radio hardware, Summit’s market-leading software, software upgrades, and a broad range of certification and support services provided by Summit and Summit partners. The module will be available in production quantities in February and will be certified for Cisco Compatible Extensions, or CCX, soon after. For an informative white paper on the value of 802.11n for rugged mobile devices, visit the White Papers section of the Summit website