February 2010

30 Series products offer 5 GHz support for "free"

Summit launches first 802.11n product

White papers explore 802.11n and 5 GHz

DLoG joins Strategic Alliance Program

Webinar series covers hot Wi-Fi topics

30 Series Products Offer 5 GHz Support for "Free"

The vast majority of Wi-Fi clients operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, where Bluetooth, microwave ovens, cordless phones, and many other devices operate. Support for 802.11a offers a way to escape the overcrowded and interference-laden 2.4 GHz band, because 802.11a operates in the 5 GHz band. Summit's 10AG products, or 10 Series products with support for 802.11a and 802.11g, are considerably more expensive than Summit's 10G products, so there is a price premium for 802.11a support.

That price premium does not exist with Summit's new 30 Series products. The list prices for the two 30 Series products, both AG modules with an SDIO interface, are at or below the list price for Summit's popular SDC-MSD10G module, which has the same SDIO interface but supports 802.11g, not 802.11a/g. As a result, the 30 Series products offer 802.11a support for "free".

The SDC-SSD30AG module is Summit’s first system-in-package (SiP) offering and has a length and width of just 15 mm. The SDC-MSD30AG module is a drop-in replacement for the MSD10G module.

Like other Summit products, the 30 Series modules include unique hardware and software refinements to ensure reliable operation in the most challenging environments. Hardware enhancements boost range – the distance between the Wi-Fi infrastructure and the client device with Summit inside – while minimizing power consumption and maximizing operating temperature range. Software enhancements deliver essential capabilities such as robust security, fast roaming between infrastructure endpoints, voice support, and enterprise-class administration.

Summit Strategic Alliance partner Datalogic Mobile is among the first to incorporate 30 Series modules in its products. “Summit radios meet the rigorous requirements we demand for our customers,” said Tom Burke, Vice President of Product Marketing & Support at Datalogic Mobile. “Summit’s new 30 Series modules continue to exceed our expectations while giving us a cost-effective way to offer dual-band support.”

Both 30 Series modules will support all features required for Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) certification and earn the Cisco Compatible seal soon. Both modules operate on all supported versions of Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile®, including Windows Mobile.