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Who has Summit inside?

Who Has Summit Inside?

Dozens of device manufacturers rely on Summit Wi-Fi radio modules and cards to deliver secure, reliable network connections in even the most challenging radio frequency (RF) environments on the planet. Summit Wi-Fi solutions are found primarily in business-critical mobile devices such as mobile computers and medical devices because those devices run mission-critical applications that rely on persistent network connections.

When a mobile device maker decides not to publicize the fact that it has Summit solutions inside its devices, Summit respects that decision and does not reveal that the device maker is a Summit customer. That's why all of the information on Summit's is available in the public domain (on other public Web pages).

The customer page shows two categories of customers: strategic alliance partners and others. Strategic alliance partners are customers that receive the highest levels of Summit service in exchange for promoting their use of Summit solutions. The Web page for each strategic alliance partner has a consistent format with four pieces of information:

  • Company overview
  • Link to announcement of alliance with Summit
  • For each CCX-certified product, link to that product's CCX page on the Cisco Web site
  • Links to other public pages that mention customer or its products and Summit

Below is a sample page for Summit:

Overview Summit Data Communications, Inc. is the mobile in today’s mobile computers and other business-critical mobile devices. Summit’s embedded Wi-Fi solutions provide secure, reliable connections in the challenging environments in which business-critical mobile devices operate, including factories, warehouses, ports, hospitals and retail stores. Web site
Announcement of Summit alliance
CCX Products with Summit inside
Other Web pages that mention Summit Summit and CCX

If your organization is interested in becoming a Summit strategic alliance partner, contact .