November 2009

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More Customers Forge Strategic Alliances with Summit

Summit welcomes mobile device manufacturers CipherLab, Hoeft & Wessel, and LXE to Summit's Strategic Alliance Program.

"CipherLab is excited to partner with Summit to offer the best wireless LAN capabilities in the AIDC industry,” said Sherman Chuang, President at CipherLab. “The new flagship CipherLab mobile computers, the 9300 and 9600 series, which are being launched this quarter, feature Summit Wi-Fi inside. CipherLab’s extensive channel coverage will bring Summit Wi-Fi to many industrial users.”

"Summit has been a key Wi-Fi solutions provider to LXE since 2006,” said William (Bill) H. Roeder, vice president, Business Development and Marketing at LXE. "Summit understands the challenges of the rugged, highly-mobile environments in which LXE customers operate, and Summit Wi-Fi solutions deliver the security, coverage, and reliable connectivity that our partners and customers demand. Our new strategic alliance ensures that existing and new LXE products can take advantage of Summit Wi-Fi innovations as soon as they are available."

Summit's alliance with Hoeft & Wessel brings secure and reliable Wi-Fi connections to skeye mobile terminals. Even in challenging environments, Hoeft & Wessel will be able to meet the increasing number of customer requirements for its rugged and ergonomic mobile terminals and tablet computers.

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