August 2009

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Summit Provides Program for Socket Mobile Customers

Summit has a special program for mobile device makers that have used Go Wi-Fi! P500 cards, which recently were discontinued by Socket Mobile. Thanks to the program, customers that incorporate one of Summit’s compact flash (CF) radio modules or cards in their devices receive special pricing.

In May 2009, Socket announced the end of life (EoL) of its P500 and P500X products, citing the EoL of key components, including a Wi-Fi chipset with CF support. Socket also announced that it was scrapping plans to manufacture successor products and therefore had no plans to offer any Wi-Fi products in a CF card form factor. Socket advised P500 and P500X customers to place final orders by May 29 and stated that inventory was limited.

 “While next-generation mobile computers use an SDIO interface for Wi-Fi, many existing devices rely on a Wi-Fi radio in a traditional CF card form factor,” said Ron Seide, Summit’s president. “Summit understands that mobile computers are used for five, seven, and even 10 years and require embedded Wi-Fi solutions with a long life-span. Summit is committed to offering its CF modules and cards well into the future. These solutions are the perfect choice for devices that used to rely on P500 cards.”

 Summit has three Wi-Fi solutions in the CF card form factor:

  • SDC-CF10G 802.11b/g radio module with antenna connectors
  • SDC-CF20G 802.11b/g radio card with integrated antennas
  • SDC-CF10AG 802.11a/b/g radio module with antenna connectors

All three offerings are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ and certified for Cisco Compatible Extensions Version 4, or CCX V4.

Mobile computers and other business-critical mobile devices rely on these Summit solutions for reliable, secure connectivity in the harshest environments on the planet. Mobile computer makers interested in the special Summit program are encouraged to contact Summit by calling +1 330.434.7929 or sending an E-mail message to