August 2009

Summit launches two dual-band modules

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Summit recognized again

Wi-Fi client security series, part 2

Summit Launches Two Miniature Dual-Band Modules

Summit has launched two radio modules that exploit the little-used 5 GHz frequency band for more reliable connectivity. The modules, which are certified for Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) Version 4, enable today’s mobile devices to exploit the capabilities of enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure products that support the draft IEEE standard of 802.11n.

While overall sales of enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure products have been falling, sales of infrastructure products that support 802.11n have been on the rise. 802.11n enterprise infrastructure gear operates in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands and improves the connection reliability of all clients, including those that use pre-N standards. By supporting both 802.11b/g, which operates in the 2.4 GHz band, and 802.11a, which operates in the 5 GHz band, Summit’s new modules enable businesses to capitalize on the benefits of 802.11n infrastructure in both bands.

“One of the big reasons to deploy 802.11n gear in your business infrastructure is to exploit the 5 GHz band,” said Chris Bolinger, Summit’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Summit’s new dual-band radios use proven, standards-based technology to deliver secure and reliable connectivity in that band as well as the 2.4 GHz band.”

The new Summit products are the SDC-MCF10AG module, which has a compact flash interface, and the SDC-MSD10AG module, which has an SDIO interface. Because they have the same board connector and pin definitions as Summit's 2.4 GHz modules, the new AG modules provide device manufacturers with a smooth upgrade path from single-band to dual-band support.

Like other Summit products, the new AG modules are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ and operate on Windows CE and Windows Mobile®, the most popular operating systems for mobile computers and other business-critical mobile devices. Because the modules are certified for CCX V4, they have earned the Cisco Compatible seal, which signifies not just interoperability with enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure products from Cisco but also support for Cisco Wi-Fi innovations for enhanced security, mobility, quality of service, and network management.

The list price for the MCF10AG module and the MSD10AG module is US$159. Volume discounts are available to qualified mobile device vendors. The purchase price covers radio hardware, Summit’s market-leading software, software upgrades, and a broad range of certification and support services provided by Summit and Summit partners. Both modules are available in limited quantities before September and will be available in production quantities by the end of September.

Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Windows Mobile® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.