May 2009

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Cisco Names Summit Key Member of CCXs Ecosystem

In a May 19 announcement of its Collaboration in Motion initiative, Cisco Systems, Inc. identified Summit as one of 10 key members of the ecosystem for Cisco Compatible Extension Services, or CCXs.

CCX is a program that tests how well Wi-Fi client devices interoperate with Wi-Fi infrastructure products from Cisco. Products that pass all CCX tests earn the Cisco Compatible seal, which signifies not just interoperability but also support for Cisco Wi-Fi innovations for enhanced security, mobility, quality of service, and network management.

Cisco announced that it is "evolving" CCX to "meet the needs of a changing device landscape." A new program called Cisco Compatible Extension Services, or CCXs, defines four services that a client device can support beyond basic interoperability. The four services are foundation, management, collaboration, and context-aware. In designing a device, a manufacturer will select the services that are most relevant for that device.

The announcement states that a "broad ecosystem of silicon vendors and device manufacturers support the program evolution". Summit is one of 10 firms listed as a key CCXs ecosystem member. Others include Atheros, Broadcom, Intel, and TI.

You can read the announcement here.