May 2009

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Summit Reaches Milestone: 500,000 Radios Shipped

In March, Summit announced that it had reached the milestone of 500,000 Wi-Fi® radios shipped. Since Summit products made their debut in June 2006, Summit has experienced steady growth by addressing customer requirements for reliable and secure Wi-Fi connectivity in challenging environments.

“Three years ago, we set out to provide the best embedded Wi-Fi solutions for mobile computers,” said Ron Seide, Summit’s president. “Reaching the milestone of a half-million solutions shipped is evidence that we have succeeded. And our success with mobile computers is leading to success with other mobile devices, such as medical devices.”

The majority of Wi-Fi devices are designed for nomadic computing, where applications require a network connection only while the device is stationary. Mobile computers are designed not for nomadic computing but for mobile computing, where applications require a network connection while the device is in motion. A mobile computer must maintain that connection while it transitions, or roams, from one Wi-Fi access point or router to another, often at a rapid rate.

Many mobile computers operate in environments that present challenges to persistent Wi-Fi connectivity. For example, a mobile computer in a large retail store or distribution center may be mounted on a forklift truck that moves at 20 kilometers per hour through rows of metal shelves that reflect Wi-Fi radio signals and materials such as wood and paper that absorb Wi-Fi radio signals. If a mobile computer loses network connectivity for even one second, the application running on that mobile computer may have to be restarted, causing the user to repeat tasks and costing the business time and money.

“Wi-Fi is an integral part of the mobile devices on which businesses rely,” said Seide. “If the Wi-Fi doesn’t work, then the mobile computer doesn’t work. And if the Wi-Fi doesn't provide sufficient security, then the mobile device can't handle sensitive information such as credit card data or medical records. Summit is successful because Summit delivers secure Wi-Fi solutions that work in every environment.”