Virtual Serial Port (vSP) Demonstration

Virtual Serial Port (vSP) Demonstration

A new video demonstration for Laird’s BL600 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules is now available. The demo features virtual serial port (vSP), a custom service that allows bi-directional data exchange between the BL600 module and a Central mode device. The video consists of two short demonstrations. The first half of the demo showcases Bridge mode using the BL600 module, followed by a run through of Command mode.

The major benefit of these vSP modes within any BL600 firmware from v1.3.57.0 is simple – zero programming or development is required. Simply pull 2 hardware pins to the required states and that is it!

Laird’s vSP Bridge Mode provides for a serial cable replacement service where the default baud rate is 9600. If an OEM would like to configure various aspects of the virtual serial port, then Command mode can be utilized to query the BL600 for various information type AT commands, as well as vSP configuration parameters via AT+CFG commands (100 to 116 inclusive).

The full video demonstration is available here and further highlight’s Laird’s commitment to providing simple, easy to use BLE capabilities to the BL600 product range that speeds time to prototype and ultimately time to market.

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3 Responses to New BL600 Demo Featuring Virtual Serial Port- Zero Programming!

  1. Ram says:

    Is it possible to provide some information from hardware perspective as to which lines needs to be pulled ?
    We are planning to interface this device to a micro via UART, what are the necessary commands to send via UART to configure the BL600 for vSP ?

    • Jordan Manser says:

      Hi Ram, thank you for your comments on our blog. To answer your first question, using the latest firmware (currently VSP can be used in two ways, either on boot or from within smartBASIC. Booting into VSP is controlled by pulling SIO_7 high (BL600 HIG). SIO_28 determines if it boots into VSP command (SIO_28 0v) or VSP bridge mode (SIO_28 3.3V). VSP can also be used from within smartBASIC as described in the smartBASIC user manual under the Virtual Serial Port Service section (smartBASIC User Guide) and demonstrated by the sample application found in the sample application folder within the firmware release.

      As for your second question, “LWS-GUIDE-UM-BISM-AT COMMANDS_0713.pdf” refers to the TRBLU23-00200(BISM2) classic Bluetooth modules and does not apply to the BL600 Bluetooth Low Energy module. The BL600 uses an on board micro-controller combined with our smartBASIC structured, event driven programming language rather than AT commands from a host micro-controller as would be used with the TRBLU23-00200. AT commands on the BL600 are used predominantly for file management.

      For any other technical queries regarding our BL600 series, please contact our Technical Support team at

  2. Ram says:

    Can we use the commands listed in “LWS-GUIDE-UM-BISM-AT COMMANDS_0713.pdf” via UART to speak, configure & send data to the outside world via bluetooth ?
    Kindly let me know the procedure ?

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