Bluetooth 5 BLE Mesh NFC moduleLaird has released a new firmware package for the BL652 series of Bluetooth modules enabling alpha BLE Mesh functionality, based on Nordic’s BLE Mesh SDK (v0.10.0). With just a few development kits and our engineering BLE Mesh-capable firmware, you can begin working with BLE Mesh in minutes!

The firmware package is supported by multiple, in-depth articles, tutorials, and sample smartBASIC applications to assist in understanding and implementing early stage BLE Mesh applications. The new firmware package and Release Notes are available under the “Software Downloads” tab on the BL652 product page.

Visit the “Documentation” tab for associated application notes including:

  • BLE Mesh Introduction
  • BLE Mesh Application Level Overview
  • BLE Mesh Security Overview
  • BLE Mesh – BL652 Sample smartBASIC Application

The BL652 brings industrial security and feature expansion to Laird’s proven BLE modules. In addition to BLE Mesh capabilities, Laird’s BL652 brings developers a stable, hostless Bluetooth environment with Bluetooth 5 functionality, NFC, a small form factor, class-leading Nordic silicon, optimized low power schemes, and smartBASIC programming language.  Laird’s innovative BL652 series and decades of expertise in Bluetooth module design speed your product to market.

Visit the BL652 product page for more information about this series of modules and access to software and all documentation including user guides, application notes, release notes, certification information, and more.

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One Response to Jump-Start Your BLE Mesh Development!

  1. praveen K says:

    Hi ,
    I want to use BL652 series BLE connected with HOST CPU through UART communication. I will just place the BL652-SA-01 BLE in board with host CPU & I do not want to do any programing or settings to the BLE module after placing in board . whether this is possible by using this module ? & please share the coding related document to for BLE to communicate with HOST CPU.

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