An article written by Jonathan Kaye, Bluetooth Product Director for Laird was featured in the most recent issue of Avnet’s online publication, AXIOM. Titled, “A Match Made in IoT Heaven: How Bluetooth Smart and LoRaWAN Technologies can be Joined to Dramatically Change the Range of Wireless IoT Implementations”, the article discusses the role of LoRa and BLE in the Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) and how bringing the two technologies together can expand wireless range in the EIoT for miles.

“BLE and LoRa are kindred spirits in the world of wireless technology because both are designed with a common goal in mind—make it possible for IoT devices to go anywhere, and to do so with ultra-low power consumption.”

Consumer-level IoT use varies quite differently from enterprise-IoT use. Not only do EIoT projects require enhanced security, reliability, and interoperability with other technologies, but oftentimes EIoT devices must be deployed in industrial and/or remote environments. In these types of use cases, the ability to communicate over long distances, cost effectively is essential. Kaye says in the article, BLE  makes that possible in the short range with all of its attributes that allow sensors, controls and other devices to be squeezed into any nook and cranny a company wants them—and then controllable via smartphones/tablets that serve as remote wireless displays. LoRa makes that possible over the longer range by allowing all of those devices in nooks and crannies to be located in any geographic location on the map where a company wants them.

Read the full article to learn more about LoRaWAN and how working as a complementary technology to BLE it can provide a vehicle for longer-range communications in remote environments of the EIoT.


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