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Immediate Data Response

Because the access point can only send a buffered downlink frame in response to the PS-poll from the station, the station can remain in sleep mode after finishing the PS-poll frame. See Power Save Polling for more information.

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Import/Export (SCU Main window)

Import/Export an SCU Main window parameter that displays only if the radio is programmed to allow import/export functions and if you are logged in as an administrator.

Tap Import/Export to do one of the following:

  • Export global settings, all standard SCU profiles, and the special ThirdPartyConfig profile from the SCU area of a device's registry to a file that can be transferred to another device.
  • Import global settings, all standard SCU profiles, and the special ThirdPartyConfig profile from a file (created using the Export facility) to the SCU area of a device's registry to enable SCU to use the information.

Note: When importing information, select Add to existing to merge new information with current registry information. Select Replace to overwrite the current registry information with the newly-imported information.

Industry Canada

Industry Canada (IC) is the regulatory agency and standards body for Canada. For more information:

IC certifications are based on FCC certification testing using the same antennas and transmit power and covering the same frequency bands. Test reports and data sheets relevant to IC certification may be found in the FCC section for the applicable Summit device (

Summit's IC certifications are certified to the IC RSS-210 standard.

  • RSS-210
  • RSS-Gen Issue 2

Infrastructure Mode

Infrastructure mode involves a wireless LAN-enabled station (radio) communicating with an access point rather than directly with another wireless LAN-enabled station.

Interface Timeout

Specifies a byte gap timeout, used in conjunction with RF Packet Size to determine when a packet coming over the interface is complete.

Interrupt Mode

See Polled Mode and Interrupt Mode

Inquiry Mode

In Bluetooth, prior to connection, a device that is attempting to be discovered will enter the inquiry procedure. It sends inquiry state packets, and then listens for an inquiry response. If the destination device is in inquiry scanning mode, it may respond with the inquiry response. If this happens, both devices enter page mode, the next step in pursuing a connection. Devices must enter inquiry scan mode at least every 1.25 seconds.

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IP Address

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a 32-bit, unique string of numbers used to identify a device on the Internet. An IP address can be static (it never changes) or dynamic (the address is assigned randomly to a device for as long as the device is connected to the Internet).

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Isotropic Radiator

A hypothetical antenna which can radiate and receive 100% signal in all directions. It is used in laboratories as the primary reference for measuring the radiating power of other antennas.