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Half Duplex

A radio communications scheme in which data is only sent from one direction at a time. This method is used with walkie-talkies.

Half-Power Beamwidth

Also referred to as 3-dB beamwidth. It is a measure, in degrees, of the angle of the half-power points of the main lobe in reference to peak effective radiated power of the main globe. There is an inverse relationship between gain and beamwidth. The wider the beamwidth, the lower the gain.

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Signal between a computer and an external device that assures synchronization. The devices use handshaking to notify each other they are ready to receive/send data.

Hide Passwords (SCU Global Setting)

Hide Passwords is an SCU Global setting that indicates whether or not security information is masked. If this setting is turned on, SCU (along with EAP authentication dialog boxes) masks credentials and other sensitive information.

The SCU default setting is Off.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Most notably, this law accomplishes two tasks. The first is ensuring continued health coverage for workers when they lose or change their jobs. The second is a five-pronged approach to standardizing medical data and ensuring the privacy thereof. It is required that medical data such as is gathered by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-capable medical instruments must be logged, stored, transmitted, and protected in accordance with HIPAA standards.